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Molly Bish (Part 1): A Safe Place to Raise a Family

Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis tells us of the 2000 disappearance of 16 year old Molly Bish. Tommy and Rachel travel to Warren, Massachusetts to meet Molly’s mom Magi and learn about Molly.

Molly Bish (Part 2): A Family Reacts

We hear a Mother’s heart-wrenching story about her 16-year-old daughter Molly’s disappearance … and learn how this courageous family commits themselves to protecting children.

Molly Bish (Part 3): Molly Comes Home

Magi shares the horrific details of Molly’s discovery and tells of her husband John’s 2007 stroke. Tommy and Rachel finally know how they can help lighten the load.

Molly Bish (Part 4): How to Help

Molly’s sister Heather shows Tommy and Rachel her parents basement and reveals more about the Molly Bish Foundation. Molly’s brother John Jr. gives Tommy direction and shares his profound grief about his little sister’s unsolved murder. Together they get cracking on the basement renovation project.

Molly Bish (Part 5): A Happy Place

We finally see Rachel and Tommy’s hard work pay off. The newly-renovated basement is great. More importantly, we see the best part of this entire process which is the smiles on the faces of Magi and John Bish, parents of a murdered daughter who still continue to pray for the killer’s capture and the safety of children everywhere.

Behind the Scenes

Scroll down for a look at some of the behind the scenes moments from the filming of the Molly Bish episodes.

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